Design Philosophy

"I'm a people person. I really like a hands-on, one-on-one relationship with all of my customers. I take the time for a more personal approach."
Paul Doherty, President, Doherty's Fine Homes

The personal touch is the basis of Doherty's Fine Homes and our "Custom Homes" philosophy. We have never intended to build 150 homes a year. We want to stay focused on quality rather than quantity.

The wording of our name was chosen to emphasize the vision. We chose the term "fine homes" because we want to be defined as superior in quality, conception and appearance. Paul Doherty has the track record to back up such a claim, having been in the custom homes for over 20 years.

Doherty's Fine Homes designs serve only as a starting point in the development of your vision.

We then invite you to bring your ideas, your plans, and your dreams to us and we will design them into your new home.

The idea is for you to see what is possible as you think through what you would like. We allow you to put your own signature on your new home design. We want to be known as the listening builder.

Put simply ...
Our philosophy is to make your dream home, your custom home exactly the way you want it to be!